Friday, 29 May 2015

Can I get this excited by a loaf? Yes I can

Aldi Brioche ReviewI've never written a blog post like this before - that's just how bloody good this is.  I've seen pages on Mumsnet dedicated to Aldi finds, but none have mentioned this product. I was spurred on to buy Aldi's French Sliced Brioche Loaf by a few things:

  • We're Baby Led Weaning and that's a good enough excuse to give it a go.

  • My brother in law is coming over from France for the weekend and I always buy lots of nice food when he comes (not to mention my own weight in bacon and tea bags)

  • I just needed a sweet hit that wasn't chocolate and toasted brioche sounded like just the ticket.

  • I'm greedy

In from the rain like drowned rats, I stuck a couple of slices in the toaster and the boy in his Bumbo (send me Daily Mail articles all you like, I wont stop using it).  Slathered with butter, it was just the right side of crunchy with sweet, buttery warmth.  Light, and buttercup yellow, the loaf has that satisfying squidge we all seem to look for when 'testing' the freshness of bread. Had to text my husband. Had to tweet Aldi. Had to Blog it.

Aldi Brioche Review BLWReluctantly (not sure if I love the baby or bread more) I tore off a piece for the boy whose big blue eyes were following my every mouthful.  He ate the lot, at just shy of six months and looked for more (fat chance, baby, it's mine).  I daren't give it to the three year old, I wont get a look in.  And the brother in law can sing for it.  He's got bacon.

If reading this you're wondering how someone could be so enthused over a loaf of bread, go purchase. right now.

At £1.45 for a loaf that lasts until mid -July (ha!) it might not be the cheapest on the shelf, but it's a bargain no less.  I feel a bread and butter pudding recipe coming on....


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