Friday, 29 May 2015

Cardboard Car Bribe

Whilst the baby sleeps (finally) and the child is at nursery (bless those 15 hours), I've grabbed a cuppa and finally found time to blog my latest bribe.

Moving house is unsettling and I'm sure even the baby has caught onto how fraught we are; but the child even more so.  He's exhausted thanks to the lovely place we're staying having a downside of only two bedrooms.  With the baby not sleeping so well thanks to us waking him up every time we turned over, we've moved the child into our room and the baby in on his own.  Baby sleeps better, we sleep better - child? Not so much.

Make a cardboard carSo, to bedtime - a nightmare thanks to an overtired child who knows something is up following a full day at nursery and a weekend at grandmas.  Cast your mind back, if you will, to my making of a rocket for the Dude one evening, in a fit of inspiration, motherly love and that damned Something Special, he's suddenly decided he wants a car to go with it, thanks to The Man's obsession with F1 - fun for me all round.  Having put him off, I eventually uttered the immortal words 'if you go to bed NOW I'll make you a car'.

Now, let me tell you, this kid has a memory to put an elephant to shame.  I know this, yet I chose to pretend he'd forget by morning.  I was wrong.  ALL day he asked for that bloody car, so, with another bribe backed up with a promise that night, I set to work.

I sought out an almighty box (aided by The Man's place of work - thanks), some paper plates, a boat load of paint and some decorations - not forgetting a craft (read:kitchen - I'm not that good) knife, some scissors, sellotape and superglue (pritt stick would do but everything is In. Bloody. Storage).

I started by cutting the flaps off the top of the box then shaped the sides and the back. A hole in front for the windscreen and you have a car.  How far you go after this is up to you.

We needed doors - so just a couple of cut outs either side sorted that - and it had to be red (it is a race car after all), so I slapped on a load of paint - rather haphazardly but he really wouldn't care about the paint job. I added some black for the windows and four paper plates painted black for the wheels - you could just grab a marker or just leave them plain.  Finally, a paper plate for the steering wheel (I was really into it at this point so this one even has a steering column), and you've a bribe-worthy cardboard car.

However, I was in the zone, so the following extras were added - a damn sight cheaper than BMW extras, I might add.
  • Dots of black paint for handles on the doors

  • Foil covered cardboard for the wing mirrors and rear view mirror (these may not be true to life - I don't use mine so wouldn't know)

  • A logo on the front, made out of a paper place and a logo of your choice (ours is his surname initial)

  • Reg places made from foil covered card again, with the letters cut out of black paper (or in our case, white paper painted black)

  • Bits of paper plate cut out for headlights

  • Mini pom-poms for the indicators and brake lights (I'm making some pom pom bunting so had some to hand)

  • A bean bag inside for him to perch his derriere

  • If I hadn't have been exhausted by this time (and I ran out of paper plates), I'd have added some speed dials and possibly a boot made from another cardboard box.  Maybe.
So there you have it - a bribe that doubles as a toy.  Cost nothing, and took about 90 minutes; not a terrible way to fill an evening and, had I not have opened a bottle of wine, may have even taken less time.  Use your imagination and whatever comes to hand... and warn others in the house they may be needed to drag the child around in the car making brum brum noises - over to you, Husband

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