Sunday, 17 May 2015

Here we are... well not quite - Welcome to Living Life Nottingham

Except we aren't - in Nottingham I mean. Not yet anyway.  Originally hailing from Nottingham, I'm on my way home after 15 years via Leeds, Amsterdam, London, Manchester, Congleton, Buxton, many, many unsuitable suitors and the realisation that, actually, there is no place like home.

The realities of moving house with a baby in tow

I've spent the last few years in Manchester and Cheshire and made it my home having met my husband and had our two beautiful, challenging, pain in the arse (God love 'em) children here. We made a home and tonnes of friends, some of whom have been in The Man's life since he was just 2, but came to the realization early this year that, with a young family and no close family near by we had lost our life together, my family were missing out on our boys, and we were missing out on them. Two very close family members tragically died within a week of each other at Christmas and there was our wake up call - life's too bloody short to miss out on the ones you love.

So, decision made - it was time to go home, back to Nottingham.  Three days later, we received an offer on our home - you can hate me if you like, but I do realize just how lucky we are - and 30 days later we were homeless.  That's how I've come to find me and my boys, all six of them (yes, I'm counting the cats and dogs) in a two bed holiday let in the Peak District.  We've an offer accepted on a house in the motherland and we expect to be on the move in 4-6 weeks (ha - they said that two weeks ago).

Which brings me here, to this blog.

Even though I'm born and bred Nottingham, my friends and the life I had with my boys remained in Cheshire when we left. And I'm nervous as hell.  Everywhere you turn in Cheshire or Manchester, there's a smart new bakery, a pottery painting place for the kids, a city farm to visit, a 50 meter outdoor water slide to fling yourself down, a new bar/restaurant/pop up tearoom, hell, even a new area in town!  There's so much going on - and Nottingham (or at least my memory of it) seems dead in comparison.  I don't know the people in it, the shops, the nightlife, the family life, nothing. So, I did some research and I found a website that shows amazing (their words not mine) things to do in areas of the UK - hundreds of listings in Manchester, not one in Nottingham - sob! What have we done!

This can't be the case, can it?  That this supposedly cosmopolitan city has nothing to shout about?  So today I made a decision - this will work for us.  We will make friends, we will find nice restaurants and I'll be damned if I'm moving again, so this has to work.  And I'll find those little places, those jewels that make a city home, the places, the restaurants, the lovely walks that you want to show off to your friends you left behind, and I'll write about them all. I'll also write about the family life we're make here. The things we do, the friends we make, the good times, the bad times, the restaurants, the parks.  I'll write about our family, the food, the fights and the fun.  I'll write about it all.

I'll document our journey of making a family life in Nottingham and I'll show that we are Living Life. In Nottingham.

Wish me luck.

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