Monday, 18 May 2015

I pretty much guarantee every mum wants to get fit, right?  Despite good intentions there is never the time. So, to guilt myself into sorting this out, I'm going to keep a fitness diary, a shame blog. A shlog, if you will.

I'm not big, a size 10 (UK), but I've popped out two kids, the last only 5 months ago,  It's time to tone up and get fit if, for no other reason, I want to see my beautiful boys grow up.  Here's my inspiration...


As soon as we move house I'll start running. I will I will I will.  I can't start now, my trainers are in storage (ha!). But for now, I'll try and keep active with my Jawbone counting my steps, with an aim for 10k/day.  Here goes:

18th May - 10,219 steps.  You'd have thought I'd planned this, with a good step day to start!

Until next time

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