Tuesday, 19 May 2015

They say you choose your own family...

And you do - we chose our dog; meet Lenny, our 11 month old Labradoodle, a big ball of fluff, ears and tail, giving cuddles to The Man.  Just seeing the 35 kilo fluff ball perch on his knee for a cuddle makes you realise why they say dogs are a part of the family - because they are.

We couldn't imagine life without our pooch - how gorgeous is he?  The most good natured, big daft dog you'll meet, he's the 'Buddy The Elf' of the canine world - know what I mean?

When we move he will have so much room to run!  As generous as our friends are in letting us stay in their holiday let until the move is O.V.E.R, there's no garden for him to loll about it, so he has to wait until the baby wakes up/Peppa Pig has finished so I can bundle up the toddler/The Man gets home to go out even for a piddle.  So this move can't come quickly enough for him either.  Poor little man

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