Monday, 18 May 2015

This isn't a food blog but...

Any blog about Family Life and, indeed, Living, should, must include an element of food - am I wrong? Whether it's a celebration, a way to pass the time or just day to day eating food plays such a massive part in family life that it'd be churlish not to include it.

I'm no stranger to food blogs (I have a food blog out there somewhere), but this blog isn't food for foods sake; it's food that my family love, whether it's been bought, made or served to us in a restaurant.  I may have made a recipe up that I want to document or share, or perhaps sharing an internet find that anyone who reads this might find useful.

Having a family has made me want to cook good, honest, healthy food for my family as opposed to the show off food I used to cook for the blog and then never again.  The recipes you find on here will be ones that I've done over and over again.  There probably wont be many - who knows yet how this blog will turn out - but those that do find their way on here will be worth it.

So, roll on the recipes, reviews and restaurant. Yum

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