Friday, 22 May 2015

EAT Copper Letters

When your solicitor tells you to wait another month console yourself by making something nice for your new home.

I have a theme in mind for our new kitchen, which is copper and cream, a warm industrial look.  I also like wall art and stickers, but I know I'll get bored so needed something relatively cheap but also individual.

My thought process was this - where can I get relatively cheap copper?  Coppers, of course, the good ole 1p. As a family we eat in the kitchen, so an appropriate word was 'Eat', and it had to be something I could make.


Now, I'm not that handy with a jigsaw, so I turned to The Wooden Letters Company for my 'EAT' letters, choosing their 6" version in block ariel to give me the best chance of fitting pennies on without overpowering the kitchen (in case I hated them). I then painted them with Dulux Bronze and let them dry before super-gluing the pennies on (as well as my fingers but that's another post for another time).  With the benefit of hindsight I'd have gone for larger letters so I could make the pennies more uniform on the 'A', but it's not bothered me to the point I'd start again.

Simple, cheap, easy and fast.  Like my husband.


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  1. I really really like this! The picture caught my eye on the linky so I had to click! It looks great and so unique, definitely something you can't buy on the high street. #homeetc Sabrina x

  2. Jemma I love this! I am doing navy and copper in our front room (funnily enough the one we are talking about on twitter right now!) What a fab have my brain ticking now! xx

    1. you could do 'home' or somthing? defo go for the larger letters though


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