Thursday, 21 May 2015

Making a Space Rocket

Make A Space Rocket
You know when you just want to send your kids into space?

Well, make a space rocket!

Thanks to 'Something Special' my son has wanted his very own Space Rocket since, like, forever (in his World - since Monday in ours). So today, with us overtired (him) and over emotional (me), we needed something over the top to distract ourselves.  Having raided our recycling pile (and our neighbours) for enough card to get us going, and a quick visit to B&M for some parcel tape, some tin foil and some stickers, we were good to go.

It's pretty simple to achieve the shape, you don't need to be accurate; the parcel tape will hide any gaps in cardboard structure and the foil will hide everything else.  We started by taking our largest box and opening the top and bottom to make it taller so it stood on the edges of the cardboard.  We then wrapped tape around the top and bottom flaps to steady it - so we had an opened ended rectangle.  Four triangles taped together to make a pyramid, with the base of each being the same length as edge side of the box, taped to the top of the 'body' gave us the point of the rocket and four triangular fins for each corner and you've got your structure.  Get handy with a kitchen knife and butcher the front and sides to make a door and windows - you're done!

Time to embrace your best wrapping skills and get to work with the tin foil.  You might need some clear tape here, depending on how aesthetically pleasing you want to be. At this point my cherub decided he wanted a handle on the door.  And one inside so he could close it once in.  Boys eh?

A few stickers to decorate and you can rest easy; child happy with a new toy and you, smug with a cup of tea safe in the knowledge you've just made your kid a new, cheap toy and bought yourself a few minutes of much needed peace.

Make A Space Rocket

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