Thursday, 18 June 2015

10 Great Resources For Newbie Bloggers

I've written recently about how I'm keeping this Blog just for kicks, that I'm not going to be spending hours analysis followers, figuring out Facebook or trying to understand SEO.  But that doesn't mean I want the resulting posts from my few hours writing to be a total mess - I am investing time in this after all and I want great content that satisfies me and any readers who may stumble across this blog  I get a thrill every time there's a new comment, like or follower and I take a huge amount of pride in it.

In my attempt to make this Blog worth my while, and attractive to readers (which I do really want - after all, if a tree falls in the woods and there's no one to hear it, does it make a sound?), I've come across a few useful sites and posts and wanted to share what I've found.

I hope you find them just as useful as I have.
  1. This pre-publishing checklist from Kimamely Beauty was for written for Beauty blogs, but the principles remain whatever your topic, making sure your blogs are perfectly readable first time, every time.  A lot of common sense, but something we all need reminding of...
  2. I really wanted to work with my favourite brands - who wouldn't - and feature them on my blog in the hope they'll prove useful to someone.  I've started doing this by reviewing some of my favourite finds, but found this post super helpful in getting myself know with brands. How to find brands to work with, from Growing My Blog
  3. In this same vain, make sure you sign up for Bloggers Required who link bloggers with brands.  Fab.
  4. This wonderful post from The Reading Residence gives some great advice on how to go forth and prosper with your own About Me page - a necessity, especially when you become known to brands and the like.  How to write a brilliant About Me Page
  5. I want my blog to look fab and I want to be proud of it each and every time I log on.  I found this page when looking to update my Social Media buttons - Free Social Media Icons by Carrie Loves
  6. I love tweeting and this post by Super Busy Mum gave me some great ideas on how to do it right Tips for getting more Blog Traffic through Twitter
  7. If, like me, your photography leaves a little lot to be desired, but you don't have the energy, inclination or equipment to fix it, then you might find this post a winner for you - Free photos and graphics
  8. Some great tips, again from The Reading Residence, on making your Blog look good for your reader - How's your Blog Looking?
  9. I don't think I'm going to set up a Facebook page (you watch, I'll be setting one up in a few weeks and eating my words!), but if you are, this post from the amazingly successful Happy Wives Club covers all the bases.
  10. Finally, want to know how to edit your pictures and design your own logos?  Head over to Pic Monkey photo editor - a fabulously free tool.
Do you have any more resources?  Please do share below and if there are enough, I'll follow this up with a new collection.

Thanks for reading! 
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