Tuesday, 30 June 2015

10 memories I want my sons to have of their childhood

  1. BBQs in the sun with all the family around and water fights in the garden
  2. Snuggling up to our dog, watching a movie with snacks on the sofa
  3. Huge family Christmas's with an even bigger tree
  4. Fun trips on holiday in the UK; there's nothing better than fish and chips on the beach
  5. Mum and Dad being very much in love (so much so they make gagging noises!)
  6. Quality time spent playing, baking, riding bikes - whatever
  7. Mum and Dad working hard, so they get the work ethic
  8. Snowball fights.  Epic ones.
  9. Making dens from cushions, chairs and sheets
  10. A loving family no matter what

What things do you want your kids to remember about their childhood?

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