Saturday, 6 June 2015

Are These The Perfect Shoes For Mums?

IMG_8513It's summer (or at least the sun is shining) and I have the sort of legs that sandles and flip flops automatically take any shape out of, so any hope of looking good in the glare of the sun flies out of the open window.

My resolution?  Wedges.  Every mum needs a good pair of wedges to trek about in without looking like a big ole tree trunk (unless you're Elle McPhearson of course).  Comfy and practical whilst giving you an air of 'I actually made an effort without trying too hard', they're perfect for the weekend, especially, if like me, your husband will run around playing football in the park whilst you watch with a latte.  (Note that the picture I have of me in my mind here isn't at all reflective of the reality - but hey ho, you've gotta try).

However, they need to be price perfect - we live in England and that dusty dirty park will soon turn muddy and if you decide to join in, which invariably you will have to do, they will get scuffed beyond believe.

I'm no fashion blogger (chance would be a fine thing), but here is my best buy, after much searching of the high street for the perfect pair, New Looks Black Strappy Cork Wedges, £19.99.

New Look Black Cork Wedges

Super comfy, they seem hard wearing and go with most things.  Today I'll be wearing mine with my skinny jeans rolled up to show some pale ankle and my new NY print white too, which by the end of the day will be covered in chocolate ice-cream.  I'll be upping the glam with my new Gucci sunglasses - a birthday present from the Man.

Right, off to the park we go (don't worry, the flats are in my bag for when I do my best 'Mr. Tumble' impersonation!).

Go forth and purchase, my friends.


  1. These look like some great wedges; I think you will make them look great. I am excited to see them styled. ;)

  2. Ah that would involve me taking a picture of myself! We'll see ;)

  3. Those are lovely shoes! Enjoy! Too high for me, I can't walk in heels / wedges.

  4. :) give it a go, you'd be surprised, you're well strapped in to these


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