Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Best and Worst - what a week

It's that time of week again for #bestandworst and, again, I've decided to write a new post just for this link up.  Why?  Well, I thought it might be a great opportunity to reflect over the last seven days.

I wanted to write something for 'Best' and then something else for 'Worst'.  But 'Best' will be difficult; it's been a pretty poor, very functional seven days as we tussle with solicitors over our house and prepare to move to be told it's not happening just yet and to go back to just existing again, waiting and waiting.  Add to that a very grumpy, overtired child who regularly informs me 'we havent go a home mummy' and I've just about had enough.  Pass the Gin.  The week culminated in my writing this post last night and coming to it this morning to find it nowhere to be seen.  Perfect end to a perfect week.

However, the Best of this week happened just this morning, the silver lining to the cloud that is my post disappearing.  I know it's a small thing, but Seth did this... all by himself.

It's the first time he's sat down and done something that hasn't involved destroying something else in the process (apart from the table now being covered in black pen).

He's a clever boy but, like most children, concentration is not his forte - imagination is where it's at, just like his dad.  Me? I'm more academic and worry when he doesn't seem to be doing the school type things he should be doing, so to see him do this?  I'm chuffed to bits :)  And it served to remind me that bring these two up is what's important and this blip in our lives where we find ourselves homeless is just temporary.  Our family is forever.

Can we move now?
Best of Worst