Monday, 8 June 2015

I am the mum who...

I've been nominated in the 'i am the Mum who...' tag by All The Beautiful Things, and here is my post...

Dear Seth (and Woody, although you're still too little for most of these to apply)...

I'm the mum who...
  • Is trying so very, very hard to achieve something by myself to make my babies proud of me
  • Let's Seth eat ice-cream at 9.30am, just because it's a day with mummy and therefore treat day (even though I know what I'm letting myself in for)
  • Cries with frustration when I don't know why my baby is upset
  • Feels so bad when my son tells me he hasn't got a home (no, but we will have on Friday!!! Whoop! We get the keys!)
  • Let's my boy run around in bare feet all day every day. Except when we're out and about.
  • Let's my boy get in his pyjamas when we get home - if I can, he can.
  • Pretends the laptop doesn't work when he wants Peppa Pig on demand
  • Uses the TV as a babysitter so I can blog (like now - but it's only 20 minutes of a day and refer to the first point!)
  • Bribes my children with things they want so they go to bed on time (such as making a car out of cardboard boxes for the next morning - I really paid for that one but didn't learn my lesson)
  • Spends far too much on your clothes - you just look SO DAMNED CUTE!
  • Who spends HOURS making nursery projects and tries to pass them off as my sons (he just isn't interest in crafts - this is the Easter Bonnet he made... apparently!  I did try to get him to help.  I love a bit of cutting and sticking though).  
  • Who cooks with Seth every time we have a day at home together to try and get him to be less fussy.  It's not working. We persevere.
  • Loves nothing better than snuggles in bed with my family of four every morning.
  • Tries to give my family every experience possible, even though my friends think I'm made taking an 18 month old to the museum.
  • Stays up baking her own bread, so scared am I of salt....
  • But allows sweet treats (what!?)
  • Couldn't be a mum without the amazing dad in my boys life
  • Works hard to give them everything they need (plus a trip to Florida one day - I tell myself I'm earning Disney Dollars!)

I now tag the following to take part:


  1. Ahh lovely and obviously I'm with you on the bare foot thing! :-)

    Helen X

    1. i must admit, I did steal that one from from (although tis true here too - I hate shoes and socks and he seems to have picked it up from me!)

  2. Ah fab! You sound ace and like me! Bar I would NEVER bake my own bread! #worstcookever. Thanks for the tag lovely! xxx

    1. Always nice to be called Ace - if only mu son agreed ;) thanks for the comment x

  3. Thanks for the tag Jemma! I will be getting my blog on as soon as I have finished commenting and replying ( aghh! Too much to do, so little time!-love a bit of self pressure!) If you are scared of salt I don't think I should ever eat anywhere near you! I freaking love salt! :) xx

  4. Looking forward to reading it!! I love salt too (salted butter... mmmmmm!) but all those horror stories #shudder.... Thanks for the comment!! x


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