Monday, 29 June 2015

Our Home - Seth's Room

We're now two weeks into the big move to Nottingham and the first room is finished!  Hurrah!  I need this, given the rest of the house is bomb site. As we go along our journey of decorating our new home, and renovating in places, I'll be sharing the interior design we chose.

Welcome to Seths Room
We very recently decorated Seth's room in our old house as he went from cot to bed so we had most of the bits and pieces we needed to make his room his own.  Given the rate at which he changes his mind we went for accessories to a plain room rather than wallpaper or paint.  Like most young boys, his taste lies firmly with superheros, with the odd cowboy, tractor and car thrown in.  With this in mind, we went for a colour scheme rather than a theme or a typical red, white and blue room.  There is no before shot here - just imagine a plain white box with not a jot of furniture or personality, and you're about there.

This 'Brave Knight Sleeping' sign was bought from a small shop in Knutsford, Cheshire, when he as first born and I adore it.  Seth's room is downstairs, off the main hallway, and this is the only thing I'll allow on the outside.

I've had to give you a close up of these fabulous hand painted letters from The Wooden Letter Company; the detail is incredible!  But if you decide to buy bear in mind that the hook on the back for hanging are at different heights on each letter, making getting these letters level extremely hard.  That said, our son thinks these are the Dogs Danglies so we'd buy them again, even knowing this.

We've gone for it on the accessories as mentioned and another favourite is this light, which looks as though Captain America himself has flung it across the room, to impale itself just at the right height for a bedside light, clever man that he is.  Seth hasn't seen this yet and I can't WAIT to see his face when he gets home.

The solider is a height chart from his first birthday, marking each year.  It's is made out of wood and can be moved when you move room or house.  Given our indecisive nature, this works perfectly for us.

The keepsake box, from Not On The High Street has all his bits from his first year; I adore it, it's beautifully well made and even when he grows out of it and wants it our of his room, it'll wear fantastically ready for him to open when he is an adult.

All the teddies and cushions on and by his bed all have meaning; all bought by family when he was born.  He won't go to sleep Without Tommy, Maxie and Tiger!!  The cushion, also from Not On The High Street, was a gift from his God Mother.

Finally, the tractor painting was a gift from my husband and I when he was born; the animals on the painting are our family cats, such a lovely touch.  This was from an artist who was local to us in Cheshire.

I want to share this Toy Box, hand made by a friend of ours.  It's so well made, and completely individual.  He's a talented carpenter an has only ever made one.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to know someone so talented!

What do you think?  I just need something for above his bed and I'll be done - any ideas?

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