Thursday, 11 June 2015

Seth's last day at Rugby Tots, Cheshire

Whilst moving house gives a lot of firsts, you also have a lot of lasts and a fair few goodbyes.  Because we moved from our house 11 weeks ago and have been in a halfway house (both figuratively and literally) ever since, most of our goodbyes are over but today saw our last day with Rugby Tots.

I was really sad to find out there isn't a Rugby Tots franchise in Nottingham, so he will be starting Tag Tots instead.  I can only hope it'll be as good.

When Wednesday night comes along, the inevitable question is asked: 'mummy, is it Rugby tomorrow'?  Upon confirmation, a sound sleep is slumbered and I can only thank God the session is at 9.30am - if I hear 'mummy, can we go now' one more time, I may launch his squishy rugby ball and anything attached to it straight out the window.  No arguments about getting dressed into his Rugby kit and we head for the car among shouts of 'have you remembered my drink this time, mum?' (Probably not).  As we arrive he bolts off to join in, kicking, throwing, running, dodging, tagging and running around 'Sir'; fabulous fun for a three year old.

Rugby Tots Review

Sir - what a legend.

Rugby Tots in Cheshire is ran by husband and wife team Alick and Karen.  'Sir' (Alick) has more energy than all the toddlers and mums put together.  He has an incredible ability to keep the attention of a bunch of rowdy 2-3 year olds and seeing him wriggle his way through a childs polythene play tunnel is really a sight to behold.  Sir remembers each and every players name and ALWAYS makes sure no child is left feeling like they were last to be picked for the team (remember that feeling?).   I remember at one session, Seth was trying with all he had to shake hands with a little madam girl, who was having none of it, try as he might.  Sir made sure the rest of the team gave Seth a round of applause for how well he'd done; the sad face Seth was sporting was soon replaced with one that showed he was pleased as punch.  It's this attention to detail that makes Sir and Karen run sessions that kids adore.

Rugby Tots Review
Alick only answers to Sir, as you would with the referee in a real game of Rugby, and ensures sure all the 'teams' shake hands with each other at the end of team activities

The respect the children show Sir and the attention they pay as they listen to the instructions is really worth the £5.75 cost per class.  They aren't allowed to 'go' until the whistle is blown - no mean feat there, it was easier to train my dog to sit and stay than to stop Seth running about!  Listening, patience and respect are just some of the qualities I've tried to get my boy to show, but failed until Rugby Tots came along.

After running around for forty minutes, that passes in ten, he is suitably tired to collapse on the sofa when we get home but energetic and enthused enough to try and join in the next class.  He loves his Rugby Tots, the friends he's made and the fun he has which has hopefully given him the start of a lifelong love of not just Rugby, but team sports in general.

Rugby Tots Review

I'm dreading next Wednesday night when he says 'is it Rugby tomorrow mummy?'.  What would Sir say?

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  1. Best of luck on your new adventure! Love Katy and Harry Barber xxx


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