Monday, 8 June 2015

Seth's Style - Boys Fashion Summertime!

I take great care in how my boys dress; my mum told me "so long as they start the day clean and well turned out, and end the day clean, you've done well".  It stuck with me so that's how we roll in this house.

Not long after Seth, now 3, was born, The Man in his ever endearing way, informed me that it was my domain to dress the boys dress well.  I did my usual snort in response but for some reason this has also stuck with me and as a result, my boys have far too many clothes and some cracking outfits.

When he looks particularly spanking gorgeous I plan to post here, under the heading Seth's Style.  Where I can I'll be letting you know where you can buy either what he's wearing or something very similar, just in case you feel inspired to buy a similar outfit for your little man.

Boys Summer Fashion
Seth wears Wayfarer Sunglasses, Buy similar £2.99 Amazon /
Shark T-shirt, £11 John Lewis / Jeans, Models Own ;) /
Flip Flops, Buy similar Havaianas House of Fraser £14
As we got dressed this morning, I just had to take advantage of the sunshine given a holiday is looking like a pipe dream this year thanks to an impending house move.  The flip flops were entirely an impulse buy in the Matalan sale at 50p; whilst cute, they aren't practical for anything except plodding around a pool so they were quickly swapped for his trusty trainers.

I love this gorgeous Shark t-shirt.  He's into superheros in a BIG way and I often have to bribe him with one of those to get him out of the house on a nursery day when he just can't be bothered.  But, as today was a mummy/park/ice cream day I could get him to wear something that reminds me that, superheros or not, he's still a little boy.  My little boy x

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