Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Best of Times with the Best of People

I'm loving these Linky's/Link Ups (or whatever you want to call them), so when I also spotted this one, Best and Worst hosted by All The Beautiful Things and and Run, Jump, Scrap, I wanted to join in.

I started to think about a topic and toyed with the idea of submitting my earlier post about the 'Dirty Look' woman (post here), the 'lady' who gave me and my screaming baby a filthy look at the weekend, about how she ruined my day and evening, about how she clearly has no idea, about how I'm still stewing.  But, on second thoughts, I've given her enough of my head space and perhaps I just need to get over it and focus on something else, something more important, something happier.

I thought back over my week, ignoring the bad, celebrating the good and it tuns out, the best of my week came from something really simple - a great meal with even better friends.

Seeing these friends in particular is a military operation, not least because getting the kids out of the house is no mean feat. No, He partakes in all manner of crazy fitness events and is constantly on a bike/in a reservoir/running a road, and Their Son is in the middle of exams as well as all his pursuits.  But, as we leave Cheshire in a matter of days (and a Sunday isn't a Sunday without a roast dinner), it was of huge importance to us all to meet.

You see, He is The Man's oldest friends and our eldest's Godfather, She is just lovely and great for a gossip and Their Son, albeit being a teenager, is a delight, not to mention The Man's Godson.

So what made it the best of this week?  Simple;  a great meal out that involved Yorkshire Pudding, crumble and custard, fantastic friends and quality time with my family.  We chatted about Their Son's fundraising endeavors for his Charity trip to Uganda in August (so proud!); we talked about His latest Iron Man challenge and gossiped about his 40th birthday party.   We gossiped and talked about our imminent move.  We reminisced about old times and talked about times ahead  They cuddled our baby, tickled our son and we ate. We ate good.

But most of all we laughed.  Belly shaking, side hurting, tear inducing laughs.  The sort of laughs you can have with only the people who know you oh-so-very well. Did I think about That Woman?  Did she even come up in conversation?  Did my subconscious flash back to her 'look' even when the baby had a complete meltdown thanks to my not paying attention to his need for milk (oops, was laughing to hard!). Did I hell as like.

I was enjoying proper quality time with brilliant friends and my gorgeous family.  It wasn't Instagram perfect; there was no filter to mask the gravy down my top, my carrot-flinging son, my smelt-a-bit-funny crayfish starter, but life doesn't have to be perfect to be great.  You simply need the best of times with the best of people.

Best of Worst


  1. It's the simplest things that make us happy and agree that quality time, laughter, friends and family are the perfect mix to do just that. Lovely post. #bestandworst

  2. Thanks :) spending time with those that matter just serves to remind us to not waste time on those who don't

  3. This is exactly the sort of thing that would put a smile on my face, it's my perfect pick me up, seeing my friends, having a glass of vino and some good food. I'm so glad you had a good time and shared it with #bestandworst linky, hope to see you again next week!

    Helen X


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