Friday, 12 June 2015

Why Am I Here?

I've been doing a lot of thinking these past few days trying to understand exactly why I am here.  It's bloody hard work keeping a blog going to the point of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of followers, what with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram - the list goes on.  I've been reading about how to make the most of these platforms, SEO, blogging conferences, how to increase following... ugh, how tiring!  It's a full time job and one that doesn't pay so well in the early years.

Let me tell you bit about me.  I'm a married 30-something on maternity leave with my second child, from a job that pays (relatively) well and I enjoy (most of the time).  It;s flexible, so I can work from home some days, never miss a school play and I'm bloody good at it.  I've got a family I adore, with parents I love spending time with.  I've got a dog who enjoys long walks and two cats who enjoy long cuddles, not to mention my boys and their demands - both in love and activity.  In addition to this, I love different experiences, cooking, fashion, writing and technology and what better way to combine these than into my very own Blog?

But I don't want to miss out on any of the things I love because of my blog; I want the blog to be an extension of all that I love, a way to document it and hopefully share the joy whilst having a go at writing.  But lately the blog, although relatively young, has begun to take over my evenings and some of my day, so much so that my sons and husband are beginning to think my face is actually the back end of a laptop.

My problem is that, if I'm going to do something it'll be done properly and to the far reaches of what is possible. So that's why over the last few days I've downloaded blogging books and looked at blog planners online.  I've considered at 'Living Life' Facebook profile, looked into scheduling tweets for when I'm not around and tried to see how my Pinterest can work with my blog.  I've read article after article of how to get xxx followers on xxx platform and frankly, it's sucking the joy out of the arse-end of my blog.


I love my blog, I do.  I love the twitter 'friends' I'm making and I love the parenting blog community.  And I want it to be a success, both for me and for my boys to be proud of me.

So, why am I here?  The answer is simple.  To write about the things I enjoy and interest me and hope you, the people reading this, enjoy it too and find something worth reading.  If people are here, I'll be here.  And if it takes on a life of it's own then great.  But I've just drawn the line.

There's only so much one girl can do with her 24 hours...


  1. Nicely put Jemma! It's so hard to keep a balance, but jeez it is so addictive!!! :) xx

  2. I'm with you, completely. I have been drawn into the social media sphere some, but only because I've received requests from people who want to see our blog represented there. As long as there's a hunger for support I can provide for other parents of multiples in the social media sphere, I'll do it. But if I can't provide it or the need disappears, I'll write when it's fun and thought-provoking and not otherwise.

    I started blogging 10 years ago. All this social media pressure wasn't there. Call me an old-fashioned stick-in-the-mud, but I liked it better.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.


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