Saturday, 4 July 2015

7 Beauty Products Frazzled Mums Cant Live Without

I don't class myself as a great beauty, or a beauty come to that, but I am a mum who wants to look as good as possible for as little investment (time and money) as possible.  So here are my seven beauty products I just can't live without:

7 beauty products frazzled mums cant live without

1. Aveeno Cream - a miracle cream that's soothed my sore skin beyond recognition;  having my hands constantly in hot soapy water washing bottles took it's toll and my legs are were scabby beyond belief (I'm not infected; it's psoriasis).  First prescribed for my son's eczema, I've since found it in Boots and Waitrose.

2. Vaseline - for lips that gleam; the red tinted ones are perfect slicked on when you have no time in a morning.... so every day.

3. Flawless by Benefit - does what it says on the tin; sweep on for a matte, flawless finish.  Easy to brush a swipe over a sweaty forehead or spotty nose to get that 'I wont get things thrown at me on the nursery run' look.  However, the tin ain't that great; the compact it comes in has fallen apart every time.

4. Maisonette Blusher by Benefit - whilst we're on Benefit, their Maisonette cream blusher is to die for and can give colour to even the most sleep and sun deprived skin

5. Clear nail polish - if you can't colour inside the lines like me, then clear gives you a finished look without actually being finished.

6. Black nail polish - to hide all manner of sins on your toes; manky toenails be gone.

7. Tweezers - Eyebrow hair, toe hair, random hair.  Tweeze away and feel polished.

8. Razors - nuff said.

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