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Baby Led Weaning with Puree's - Ella's Kitchen Review

Baby Led Weaning, for us, is the way forward.  I love to cook and I love food, but blitzing everything I made just seemed such a shame - not to mention a right royal pain in the behind.  So Seth was purely Baby Led, all the way.  There were a few downsides though.

For one, he missed out on the things little ones can't eat (as in physically can't because they can't pick them up) such as chickpeas, beans, peas etc.  Secondly, the mess.  Oh. My. Word.  Although it's easier this time round - we have a new dog Hoover.

So this time round, I've started giving Woody spoons of pureed food to go with his finger food such as pureed peas to go with his homemade fish fingers, mash on spoons to go with his roast dinner and pasta sauce to go with his, well, pasta.  He's getting so many more textures and tastes this way (but the poor dog is less than happy!)

But I still don't have the time, energy or inclination to blitz everything he cant get his digits around, so I was thrilled when Ella's Kitchen sent us some pouches to try.  I generally don't buy processed food (although I'm not sure Ella's Kitchen pouches fall into that category), but these are spectacularly handy when trying to get good food into all your family when that food doesn't suit all.

In our box of goodies, Ella's Kitchen sent thick puree pouches of:
  • Peas
  • Oranges
  • Cauliflower cheese with butter beans
  • Tomato and Lentil Bake with Red Peppers
  • Macaroni Cheese with Basil
  • Chickpea and Sweet Potato mash with sweetcorn
We were also sent some corn snacks, but Woody is a little too young for these yet, so I'll save them for my three year old to try (with a mini review to follow).

BLW with Puree's - Ella's Kitchen Review

So onto the tasting.  I made a particularly chunky Bolognese sauce, but not chunky enough for small fingers.  It was the end of a long hard day, so I cracked open the Tomato and Lentil bake, popped some on a spoon on his tray with a couple of fingers of cheese and some pasta.  Amazingly, our 6 and a half month old managed to get the spoon from tray to mouth, with only a cheek smear to show for it!  I reloaded the spoon and off he went again before swapping for a pasta twist.  It's great to know that they are feeding themselves but, as is often the worry with BLW, still getting enough solids.  I know they say 'Food Under One Is Just For Fun' and I do actually agree with that, but it's always nice to know they're cracking on with weaning nicely.

We did the same with the peas that went with our fishcakes and the cauli cheese with our roast dinner.  I've found that making my own food for BLW and supplementing it with puree's, home made or Ella's Kitchen on 'pre-loaded' spoons is a great combination for our weaning baby.  The others I used for lunch, on spoons with perhaps some bread, both for dunking in the puree and for munching on alongside his spoons.

I haven't found an Ella's Kitchen pouch he doesn't like yet - except the oranges, which is more him than them (so I used the pouch in a cake recipe; watch this space).  And I've tried each and every one.  Whilst some don't look massively appetising (or smell that great - my friend gave her baby 'fish pie' - urgh.  It smelt awful!), they are actually rather delicious, especially the cauliflower cheese (I may have stolen a spoonful... or five).

So whilst I'm still an avid BLW fan, and will continue on this route, 'loaded spoons' certainly seem to be a great compromise when looking for new flavours and textures that may not suit your baby's age with BLW.

*Ella's Kitchen sent some pouches and snacks for review.  All content and views are my own and my family's).

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