Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Before Baby Body - I'm coming to get ya!

I go to Vegas two months today.

Let the Healthy Eating commence.  Let the fitness regime begin (once this heat wave is over you understand; I don't do sweating.  And I need my ankle to heal.  Next week I promise).  Let the beach body see the pool.

You see this isn't any old Vegas trip.  This is the Vegas trip my husband is going on with work (that I'm shamelessly piggy-backing on to).  The 'work' I used to work at before before children.  When I had a body I didn't mind all that much.  Now, I realise most (nearly all) of the 25000 people going to this conference don't give a toss about me and my baby belly; hell, they probably have never even met me so don't give a crap about my dimply thighs.  And I know the tiny percentage of those 25,000 people who are my friends have seen me many, many times since the birth of my children.  But most of them have not.  And none of them have EVER seen me in a bikini.

And whilst the vast majority of those 25,000 people aren't ones to bitch, and neither are my friends, I do know there is a teeny minority that will have a go at my less than perfect wobbly bits.  And I refuse to give that small minority, who would love nothing than a good 'look at all the weight she put on' session, the satisfaction.

So there's my motivation.  Sad I know.

Well, that and being 'good' now means major American-style food blow-out once I'm there.

And I mean being good - ie, less nibbling on cake and sweets during the day and more healthy choices for dinner and when I'm out.  And the hope if this will make me feel better about myself too,  inside and out.  And it starts tomorrow, after I've cleared the cupboard of cake.  And wine.

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