Wednesday, 29 July 2015

InstaNatural Cellulite Cream Review

In my quest for the perfect beach body I flung my hand in the air and waved like a crazy woman when InstaNatural were looking for bloggers to review their new cellulite cream.

Now, I'm lucky in that I don't have it bad, just a thigh and bum ripple here and there, enough to cause a wince in the John Lewis changing rooms (bad lighting + wrap around mirror = wince-tastic) which would only be highlighted when sunbathing next to nubile American teens on 'Summer Break' in Vegas. These factors combined made me the ideal candidate.

I did start with taking a before picture, but after two children and being in my early 30s no one needs to see that so it shall remain on my camera phone for prosperity but won't be posted here. But picture, if you will dare uneven skin tone resembling the finest corned beef. Nice.  

We all know there's no cure for cellulite but we remain in hope and at £49.95 a pop (currently on sale at £23.95 on Amazon - grab yourself a bargain) you'd hope this'd be it. And we all know that a good dose of caffeine should go some way to loosing the lumps; with this ingredient top of the list, along with Retinol, Vitamin C & B5, Cocoa Butter & Shea could this be the cure?

The product, ordered from Amazon arrived quickly and safely - a few box bashes but the product was fine. It looks like something a builder would use and smells strangely earthy and a little bit fruity, like the stone of a peach, not unpleasant, just not... lovely - but another blogger reviewer thought it smelt divine so that's personal taste; I like floral and spicy, not earthy.

On to the texture. What I love about this is the thickness; not so thick that it takes forever to absorb, not so thin that it feels cheap. It feels luxurious and you don't need tons. When you come to the cream the next day, the oils have risen to the surface in little puddles but the product itself doesn't feel oily in the slightest.  With all this in mind I was happy to slap it on twice a day and wait for miracles to happen.

In one short week, my uneven skin tone had started to become, well, more even, but only really noticeable to me - my husband swears he couldn't see any different.  But my skin was SO SMOOTH!! It felt lovely and I think that was reflected in the way it looked too and with prolonged use a real difference would be seen.

In the interest of reviewing, I stopped using the product after a week and sure enough the lumps and bumps returned, but my skin felt smooth for much longer.  With this in mind, I'm going to start using it again a week before my trip and take it with me.

So, it seems great for a short term fix; I can't comment on long term, I didn't use it for long enough.  It does seem that the cure remains elusive but this cream certainly feels like the next best thing.

Recommended!  And you can buy it here

*InstaNatural kingly sent me this product for review.  All views and words are my own.

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