Thursday, 16 July 2015

Open Letter To The Dog Groomer

Dear Dog Groomer

You hurt my baby.  My Lenny-Doodles.  I trusted you to care for my dog while you gave him the trim I asked for.  You should have looked after him, made him feel happy, secure and content.  

I should have known.  He's never had an issue being trimmed before.  When I heard him barking I should have gone to him but I didn't - too busy with the kids you see.  He's not that dog.  He doesn't struggle, he doesn't bark, he doesn't whine.  I should have known.

I asked you for a TRIM.  Not to shave him unevenly.  Yes, I know he was matted in places; I pointed this out, made you aware, but still you shouldn't have done it.  

But fur grows back.  I'm impatient and he looks ridiculous (he was beautiful, still is inside, but I can't bring myself to post an 'after' picture), but at least he isn't knotty.  At least he isn't uncomfortably hot.  Every cloud etc etc.

But you hurt him.  We were having a cuddle when I saw what you'd done to him.  You either didn't notice or didn't care.  As a professional groomer, you tell me - what's worse?

His poor ears - can you imagine how much a razor or scissor cut would hurt to do that much damage... and on both ears?  You're a PROFESSIONAL.  I'd go so far to say this was gross misconduct.  How about when you next have your hair cut the hairdresser gets the straighteners on your ears, see how you like it?

I feel incredibly guilty.  Do you?  If you had anything about you, you'd feel terrible, too.  But the fact you didn't care enough tells me you probably don't.

Animals are family members; well, mine are anyway - I'm not sure yours are if you think this is acceptable.  It's not.  And you will be reported.

I'm disgusted with you.

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