Monday, 6 July 2015

Why I Could Never Host a Linky

First off, why I love a good linky:
  • I find new bloggers on each and every one
  • I read great posts daily
  • They help me put my best stuff out there
  • I get thoughtful feedback on my posts not only through comments (which I love) but the amount of views a post gets based on a choice made on the title and picture alone
  • They inspire me to write better and take better pictures
  • They inspire me. Full stop (Listing alone was inspired by linkys, as was this whole post).
Why I could never host a linky:

  • The time needed - oh the time you bloggers must spend reading each and every one and comment thoughtfully on them all.  And the time to write the post and publicise the linky... It's quite incredible!
  • The discipline to post on the same topic at the same time every week; you guys must be super, super organise to manage this
  • The pressure of letting down so many people who love a good linky (me!) and rely on them to get the word out there and for feedback (me!!), should you not get the linky up and running would be too much for me!
  • The creativity; you have to think of a name, a theme, design a logo and then post on that same topic each and every week.  kudos
  • You have to be able to use Linkz or similar.  I can barely use my laptop and had to get step by step guidance on my first Linky from Helen at
  • The judgement; When I've got a post ready to go for a specific linky and I've gone to their page on the required day and there's nothing there for me, I feel disappointed and think twice about writing a post for it the following week; if you're going to do it, do it right.
And finally, to give credit to those amazing bloggers who go the whole hog and host them for those of us not so brave/intelligent/disciplined/creative/organised to do so, here's a list of my favourites:

The Giggles Family
Modern Dad Pages
Lovely Things


Tasty Tuesdays on HonestMum.comMummascribblesModern Dad Pages     Casa Costello


Home Etc
Best of Worst

Life Unexpected

Weaning Wednesdays Linky

For the love to

Running in Lavender
Modern Dad Pages

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The List
Mummy and Monkeys
Fashion Friday on MummysGotStyle.comLife with Baby Kicks
The Reading Residence

The Dad Network


Mami 2 Five

So you see, I love a good linky but unlike all you wonderful bloggers out there, I could never do it. 

I'm really interested to know from all you linky hosts out there - why do you do it?

Linking Up With:

MummascribblesModern Dad Pages

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The List
Mummy and Monkeys

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