Monday, 3 August 2015

5 Ways To Avoid Nappy Rash

It's the dreaded nappy rash; our babies peachy perfect bums all red, broken and sore.  Avoid this all too common complaint with these tips:

  1. As soon as you get a whiff, change that bum.  Nappy rash is most commonly caused by a reaction between wee and poo on your baby's skin, so don't be tempted to wait to change it, do it right away.
  2. Use a nappy rash cream, not just to treat nappy rash but to prevent it by forming a barrier between the yellow and brown stuff and your baby's skin.  A quick swipe of Sudocrem Care and Protect after every nappy change protected my boys from nappy rash, thankfully.  This wonder cream conditions baby's bums too, with Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 protecting and moisturizing the skin.  You know how they say soft as a baby's bottom?  Using this stuff will show you exactly what that saying means.  As they got older and poo'd less often, we just applied morning and night.
  3. Go for some nappy free time every day and let those bits get an airing.  It really doesn't matter if they wee on the floor and if you're really concerned, have them lie on a towel.
  4. Use fragrance free and alcohol free wipes, especially those for senstive skin.  We swear by Aldi's wipes.
  5. Don't bath your baby too often.  Water is actually extremely drying to skin and until weaning, our little ones don't actually get that dirty.  After weaning?  A whole different story!
These quick tips should help keep those little bottoms sore free.

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