Friday, 7 August 2015

Is This The End? Hell No.

It's been a funny few days.  I last posted on Wednesday and I've been worrying ever since that I've nothing to post.  Nada.  Zilch.  My mind is empty.  Writers block?  Perhaps, although you'd be stretching it a bit to call me a writer.  Bloggers block.  Absolutely.

It's been two days; I need to get a grip.

But what concerns me is I didn't even engage.  No linky's, no Twitter (a bit but it was forced), no Facebook; in fact, I started my Facebook page on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday) and when I last blogged, Facebook was the beginning of the end for me.  It felt contrived, hard work, and took the fun out of it for me - I fell out of love with it all.  I've been concerned that's the issue, but felt I needed to get out of my blogging sphere and into the outside world.

I've taken myself away from Blogging completely after being immersed in it for what feel like forever (I think it's just under 3 months old, this blog).  Every time the baby slept, I'd get my laptop out.  I'd be thinking about it when changing a nappy, when I should have been playing, when I should have been engaging with my children, and my husband.

Then nothing.  On Wednesday, I just stopped.  I know it's two days, but it was also two extremes.

Is this normal?  Is it in fact the beginning of the end?  Am I being a drama queen?

What have I been up to these last few days?  QT, that's what.  I took my pooch on a long walk with the babe in the Bjorn, I took my eldest to the cinema (Inside Out - he slept, I cried).  I played with my baby, tickled him until he cried (I felt a bit cruel then actually), and I baked; I made liver cake for the dog (vom!), a cinnamon bun cake-type thingy (I'll blog this but need a better name) and made some pea soup for my grandma, upon request.  I spent some time with my beloved grandma (mamma), took her for tea and cake, and saw my dad (and saved him £80 in the process).

So I've been away two days and have been stressing this is the beginning of the end of this blog; the three month itch/boredom block/failure gate I've read about?  The Facebook curse?  Bloggers Block? Two days with no post - am I in danger of over thinking things? I'm ever hopeful that inspiration will strike.

And I bet no one missed me. I bet no one thought 'Living Life/Jemma hasn't posted for a couple of days'.  Why?  Because it's been TWO DAYS and actually, does it even matter?

No.  The fact that I've written this post (and planned my next one once I can think of a name for the cinnamon bun thingy) then I would hope, no, say that it's not over.

You can't get rid of me that easily.

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