Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Our Home - Barn Conversion Before, After And Next Steps

In my last interiors post I wrote about my sons room; how small and dark it is, and what we've done in the meantime to spruce it up before we can get it extended; what with architects, planning permission, getting quotes and winter weather to contend with, it'll probably be next summer before it's done.

But that gives me time to plan.

This barn has been through some changes over the years; here's how it began life, as a cow shed:

Barn Conversion

And here it is right now, after a massive conversion project:

Barn Conversion

I love the contrast of the two, how you can see our finished home in the outline of the original building.

You can't see from the photograph, but one side of the barn, most of the main living spaces, dining and kitchen, are full height, the other side has two of the bedrooms and a study upstairs and underneath this space, downstairs, are two bedrooms and the main bathroom (and for the full picture, the end of the house contains our bedroom above a living room but goes across the whole house).  The study is open to the hall and the double height space (like a mezzanine) but the bedrooms aren't.  They go all the way to the roof so they slope into the eaves creating small dark spaces.  The same can be said for a portion of our bedroom (although only one corner that we can't use).

So we will be extending into the eaves and adding an extension out of the roof line to creating two double bedrooms from two currently very small, barely single rooms and a lovely large dressing room for us.  Not to mention the plans of a balcony off our bedroom to make the most of the uh-mazing views!

View from our bedroom

We called in the architect who did the original plans and asked him to come up with the drawings for this round of planning; and here they are (sorry for the quality; they are pictures taken of drawings).

Barn Conversion

Barn Conversion

Barn Conversion

So that's what we hope it will become!

Next step: planning permission.  Wish us luck!

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