Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Our Home - Woody's Room

When we viewed this house it was perfect - well, perfect besides the two teeny tiny bedrooms... it's a converted barn but as such there is no loft and the rooms go all the way to the roof.  Just gorgeous in the double height rooms; not so great in the two bedrooms upstairs that are in the eaves.  No matter, we thought, we can just extend into the eaves and build out; so long as the extension doesn't go above or beyond the roof line we'll be in permitted development territory, right?


When a building has been converted into a dwelling, these rules no longer apply and we only found out when I called the planning department to make sure.  Good thing I did.  So now we have employed an architect and on goes the long wait until we can do the work.

From left to right: Giant 'W' under a fishermans light | Hanging heart | Eames inspired rocker | train painted by his brother | Memory box | Limited Edition cuddly toys

One of these rooms is, and was destined to be our youngest sons room, Woody, who is 7 months old.  On the bright side, he doesn't need much room right now and when we get the work done (next spring if everything goes according to plan) we can replace the baby furniture (which, to be frank has seen better days) and he can have all new.  Every cloud and all that.

But in the meantime we have been left with a dark, cramped bedroom for our little boy.

Something had to be done.  The room is rectangular in shape with a sloping ceiling and a roof light.  And it's small.

First off, we painted the whole thing one colour and then added interest to the largest wall in the room with some gorgeous dinosaur paper; this wall will be staying when we make the changes so I was happy to invest the £32 per roll in this Harlequin wallpaper.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I replaced the looks-like-it-should-be-in-a-loo wall light the old owners left with this fantastic red fishermans light from Iconic Lighting (£25) and ordered a huge 'W' to go underneath in a complementing red from The Wooden Letters Company; we had our colour scheme.

This, without doubt is my favourite part of the room.  It's opposite the chair I feed him in before bed and it's so lovely to look at.

The chair; we had a lovely, comfy cream armchair that we bought for our eldest's room in our old house, to snuggle up in during those loooooong night feeds.  However, having seen it's fair share of projectile voms, projectile poos and two angry cats whilst it was being stored ready for Woody to be born, it's nothing short of manky - and far too big for the room.  In came this Eames inspired red rocker, a snip at £60 from Lakeland Furniture.   It looks fab and is surprisingly comfortable.  On it sits the cushion my best friend had made for him when he was born, and next to it, a table I upcycled when Seth was born.  On this, we perch his lamp (low lighting at night), his evening bottle, his music box and the little teddy Seth brought to the hospital for Woody.

Over the other side of the room are his drawers and matching shelf; these were in the M&P seconds shop and had we paid full price for these I'd be writing a strongly worded email rather than this happy go lucky post; every little bump leaves a mark and a scuff on these drawers, and given these drawers are designed for children they've got their fair share of those.  If I was hanging on to these I'd be painting them with Annie Sloans chalk paint - whilst the finish is poor, they're actually incredibly well made.  But as I'm not, I replaced the old knobs with some fabulous red ceramic ones from eBay; £6.58 for the ten I needed, including shipping.

Perched on the drawers is his wonderful memory box from NOTHS www.notonthehighstreet.com; not exactly a bargain at £60, but his brother has one and they are beautifully made; it will last a lifetime, as a memory box should.  His teddies are collectibles and again are presents from family for his birth.

On the shelf sits some of the hundreds of baby books we own, all held back with this train money box, painted by Seth to give as a gift when Woody was born.

Finally, look at the hanging heart; bought by mum for Woody when he was born, it sums up our goodnight routine perfectly.

A special room for a special baby boy.  I love what we've done and how we've made a cosy room.... but I wont be sorry to see the small room go...

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