Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wicked Wednesdays - where did you go?

As Brummy Mummy of 2 takes a holiday (how very dare she) I find myself desolate; where is my weekly giggle at my own and others imperfect life?  I adore the #wickedwednesday linky for the simple fact it's a weekly reminder not to take this life I'm living too seriously.

To take the edge off my withdrawal symptoms as I wait for next Wednesday to roll around, I've pulled together this little collage of my #wickedwednesday posts, for your amusement as you have a laugh of how not together I am.

Enjoy laughing at my misfortune.  I look forward to laughing at yours in return next week!

From left to right - Dog gets his own back | Timber! | Weaning fun | Who invested the tea towel holder? | What happens when you ask to play with the hose pipe | Girls who don't pout, pouting | That'll teach the bugger to steal from my plate | Knackered out | Men!!  Why!?

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