Welcome to Living Life Nottingham, a lifestyle blog dedicated family, food, fitness, fashion and fun, all whilst Living Life in Nottingham.

The blog mainly centres around my family - myself and The Man (Col), our two boys Seth (3) and Woody (6 months), our dog Lenny and our two cats, Monty and Barney.  We've moved to Nottingham to be closer to grandparents and wider family (and baby sitters - whoop!)

I originally started this Blog to help me discover family friendly Nottingham; to help me live life in this new City (hence the title), but since it took so long for us to move after starting it's taken on a life of it's own as a hybrid lifestyle/parenting blog, which I adore as it gives me an outlet to write and pushes me into trying new things and exploring new ideas.  If you've anything you'd like me to write about get in touch and I'll see what I can do!

Never the less, I wanted to accomplish what I originally set out to do.  So when I found an opportunity to become the local editor of the Bubele Newsletter for Nottingham I JUMPED at the chance - who wouldn't?  I now to write about the city I'm learning to love, find out what's on for my family and then I'll be blogging about what we've done.  I'll feature great reads from my favourite blogs and have special offers and hints and tips for families.  If you want to be a part of this fun newsletter, you can sign up here
So, come on, join in the fun.  Get in touch, comment, suggest places – it’s all go here.

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